How to Stay Productive (Summer Edition)

Happy 1st of July! We are in mid-summer finally and for some of us work keeps pilling up. As expected, the heat of the summer makes every task quite difficult to perform in addition to how difficult the task may be in itself. Personally, I enjoy working on projects and ideas even during summer and thus … Continue reading How to Stay Productive (Summer Edition)


How To Deal With Disappointment

As humans we experience a plethora of situations in our lives and we come to meet a great number of people along the way. Some situations leave us feeling happy and optimistic and some others leave a bittersweet taste in our mouths. The latter type of situations makes us feel disappointed, sad and sometimes discouraged. … Continue reading How To Deal With Disappointment

When People Play the Victim for Sympathy #pityparty2017

Bullying, Gossiping, Stalking, Harassment and abuse(mental, emotional, physical) are all old news. It takes no more than a minute to open your TV or computer and see people talking about their experiences and stories on the above mentioned topics. Lately, it came to my attention that on YouTube, there are a lot of videos by … Continue reading When People Play the Victim for Sympathy #pityparty2017