Hello all,

i am Diamond Mary and this is my beauty and lifestyle blog!


I decided to create this blog to share with all of you the things i enjoy in life, to inspire and be inspired. Here, you will find entries about beauty and make-up, DIY’s, tips and opinions around lifestyle and well-being, food and many more!

Offline, i am an academic with a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering. I have experience working in both academia, helping my faculty in many EU funded projects, and the food industry in Quality Control. However, i feel like my mind is a bit too overactive and my day job is not enough to keep it occupied all the time. Plus, i strongly believe that society makes women working in predominately man dominated work fields appear as less feminine and more brute, which is very unfair and untrue.I hope my blog proves the opposite.

So, please enjoy reading, leaving comments(i’d really love to hear your thoughts) and remember to stay precious little diamonds xox,

Diamond Mary<3