How to Stay Productive (Summer Edition)

Happy 1st of July! We are in mid-summer finally and for some of us work keeps pilling up. As expected, the heat of the summer makes every task quite difficult to perform in addition to how difficult the task may be in itself. Personally, I enjoy working on projects and ideas even during summer and thus I had to come up with some tips that could make my life easier and help me be productive on an everyday basis. This tips are simple and easy for everyone to use and incorporate into his/her daily routine. So, if you are a workaholic like me, I believe you will enjoy my tips on how to stay productive during the hot summer months and stay productive in general.

#1 Pick your working space carefully


It is not just about what you do but where you’ll do it that it is important in the creative process. Our working space has a greater impact on our psyche and our mood  than we think, especially when it comes to producing  work results of high quality. Personally, I tend to chose indoors places, that are quiet and most of the times i prefer to stay next to a window that I keep open to let the fresh air inside. I also like to add some freshly cut flowers and put them in a vase in the same room where i work, because I feel they add to the aroma of the room and the whole house. Another thing that is crucial, is the lighting. I prefer to work with natural light during the daylight hours up until early in the afternoon. I find artificial light to be harsh and tiring. Plus, the late hours are for relaxation and sleep. I am not of those people who stay up working all night(although I had to many times during intense college studying) as I think sleeping a decent amount of hours is healthier and lets my body recuperate after a hard day.

#2 Use the right equipment


It may not seem that important but I feel that beauty is inspiring and engaging! That could very well explain my stationery addiction and the “hunt” for cute pens, colorful laptops and many more. I just feel that small things like a cute Ted Baker pen can make me more willing to use it and consequently work with it. It is important to like what you do but it is also important to like the means with which you do it.

#3 Make a weekly or monthly work schedule

Moving on to the more technical side and away from the aesthetics, good organization and preparation are key-issues when we are working on a daily basis and expect to have good results from our hustle. Try creating a timetable where you have to be very clear about which activities will be done each day. Try to not waver from it and if you skip one task, then make sure to perform it as soon as possible.

#4  Be consistent with your daily routine

Keeping your daily routine requires a high level of consistency because once you loose focus and start doing a few too many things out of  order, then your normal schedule/ daily routine looses it’s structure and is no longer “a routine”. This means less productivity and more procrastination. Oftentimes consistency can be difficult to get used to and maintain if you’ve been having an unstructured daily life. However, once you put in place a structured routine that is suited to your own personal needs,  you’ll find it is more of a benefit than a burden.

#5 Stay hydrated and eat healthy meals

When we are working on our computer most of the day, we can get a little carried away and forget to prepare something healthy and nutritious to eat or even forget to make something at all(!). In addition, the summer months can prove to be quite hard with all that heat,so we have to make sure we drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.


This were my tips on how to stay productive on a daily basis and especially during the summer months! I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments below if you have any other tips on that!

Till next time, stay precious little diamonds xox!


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