How To Deal With Disappointment

As humans we experience a plethora of situations in our lives and we come to meet a great number of people along the way. Some situations leave us feeling happy and optimistic and some others leave a bittersweet taste in our mouths. The latter type of situations makes us feel disappointed, sad and sometimes discouraged. This is totally normal and disappointing things can happen from time to time in personal relationships or in our career. I think we would all like to avoid them or we wish they’d never happen to us in the first place but sadly, we don’t have much power over that. The only thing we can do about them is to deal with them and stay calm and strong.

In times when I feel down to the dumps, I always remember that the days alternate between good and bad and thus nothing is permanent in life. Dealing with negative feelings, like disappointment, it’s just a part of life’s dynamics….and although facing disappointments is unavoidable, overcoming those can be a gift in disguise. The experiences one can gain are priceless and important life lessons.

So it’s basically up to you to seek a brighter tomorrow and see the glass half-full instead of half-empty ❤ Some tips I could give from my personal experience and have  helped me quite a lot in my life are the following:

#1 Remembering that no situation is permanent

No matter how bad things may seem, you must remember that nothing lasts forever. Times of doom and despair make us falsely think that there is no way to get out of our current situation or that our problems are more important and difficult to solve than they actually are. This is just a trick our mind plays on us because our strong emotions overwhelm us.

So, in order to put things in perspective and break the cycle of self pity, just remember that there is always a bright future ahead. Of course it is normal to feel pain and sorrow and you should let yourself experience these emotions but not wallow in misery and perpetuate a damaging emotional state.

#2 Take care of your health

A lot of times, during stressful periods, people tend to neglect their health either by not eating enough food or by doing the exact opposite, eating excessively. Also, another aspect of neglecting one’s health is not getting enough sleep because of anxiety and overthinking our problems. Make sure that you eat nutritious, organic foods , drink a lot of water and and sleep at least 8 hours a day. By eating junk food or not eating at all, you are actually increasing the levels of stress and this is something that’s been scientifically proven. On the other hand, sleep deprivation will just contribute to you feeling even worse.

3. Talk to your close ones

There is a Greek saying that goes by:” Share your pain and share your happiness; your pain is cut in half and your happiness becomes twice as much”. That is exactly how i feel when i share my problems with my closest ones. It is very therapeutic to verbally express your feelings and thoughts aloud to a friend or maybe a family member. These people care about you and can offer advice or help you see your situation from a different perspective which can be beneficial in the end.

4. Find inspiration

When we are dealing with a problem  we tend to think that this kind of thing could only happen to us(!). Obviously, our situation is not unique and many people have experience similar things in life…..we may even be able to see stories similar to ours in films and in books!

We can all identify famous books or films which feature the common theme; disappointments turning into blessings.

Personally speaking, reading books and watching movies are two of my favorite pastimes and also sources of inspiration and positivity. Whenever I feel under the weather, I find great comfort in watching an all time favorite movie of mine or reading something interesting and inspiring… it’s not long before my spirits are lifted and I begin to feel hopeful and optimistic once again. Re-reading books you have previously enjoyed or taking a trip to your local library or watching some of your favourite TV shows or films are all great ways to take your mind off the negative stuff and more importantly ways to motivate and re-inspire you.

5. Keep yourself busy

When you keep your mind busy with things you enjoy, then there is little or no time for self-pity. Be busy planning ways to better your life and yourself as an individual revitalise your body and mind with good, nutritious foods and plenty of exercise. Make your own self the center or your attention and not your disappointments and hard feelings. Then the less time you’ll  have for moping around and sinking in pity and misery.

TIP ❤  Try to develop a new daily routine that focuses on the positive development of your mind, body and soul. Your routine should incorporate a healthy eating plan, a good exercise regimen and some relaxation/pampering time which will not only keep you busy but will also help you to be more productive.

So, these were my tips on how to deal and overcome disappointment! I hope you enjoyed reading them and please let me know in the comments below how you are dealing with disappointment. I’d be happy to hear about your tips on that!

Till next time, stay precious little diamonds xox!




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