Are Women Really Weak?

I have a lot of male friends and recently we’ve been discussing about the Trump incident and the  “grab them by the pussy” phrase. I know it’s old news but the conversation had me thinking a lot  about a plethora of things regarding the way women are perceived and subsequently treated in today’s society.

First of all, let me clarify that I am pro women and “girl power” and stuff, but I am not a feminazi…you know, those overly passionate women who mindlessly support anything women do , no matter how outrageous and illogical, claiming that “it’s a woman’s right to do so!”.

As the conversation progressed, many of my guy friends said that women are still considered weak(or weaker than men) in male dominated fields, such as politics, business, economics etc and they weren’t surprised by the news as this kind of behavior(sexual harassment and intimidation), although wrong and unjustified, is (and has been) quite common in the workplace. I agree with that, as I have heard this happening quite often, myself. However, I was very curious about whether they personally though women were weak, so I asked them. Most of them didn’t think of women as weak but they admitted that many males STILL think of them are easy prey, because of the fact that they are physically weaker compared to them. Also, they found that women can be more psychologically and emotionally abusive sometimes. There are many cases of physical abuse against women, mostly of domestic nature, but nowadays there are laws in place that can land someone who is throwing punches in hot water.

This conversation happened roughly a week ago, but  came to my mind yesterday as I witnessed an altercation between a female passenger and the bus driver(male) on my way home. The incident was the following:

“As the bus slowed down to let the passengers get off and the new ones to enter though the bus door, a woman hit the window pane with the ring on her finger so that the driver would open the third buss door (the bus had 3 doors from which passengers could use as access to the buss). When she got there(barely 1 minute from the front of the buss to the third door), the door was still closed and she hit the glass once more. The driver immediately opened the door and she got on…..From that moment all hell broke loose! The woman went right next to the buss driver and started screaming at him while he was driving, claiming that the driver wanted to leave her out and she was basically bashing him big time…..

I was like:”What on earth is wrong with this woman!”

When the guy had enough of her screaming and yelling he finally decided to stand up for himself and put her in her place. What was even more crazy, in this already absurd situation, was that when things finally calmed down, the woman who started all this madness said to an old lady who was sitting right next to her:” You see how he talked to me? It’s because we are women and they think they can treat us this way!”

I was shocked…She was the one who screamed at him, insulted him personally and then she was basically claiming to be mistreated by this man who she had verbally abused, using the “victim card”. How dare she? What kind of twisted and immoral person fits reality according to their needs and manipulates the situation like that?

That was when I remembered what my friend told me about viewing women as more manipulative and emotionally abusive than men….and he was right. This woman surely deserved a good slap across her face, but when things would get thus far, then all would be talking about the “monstrous” bus driver who slapped a weak and helpless woman…nobody would remember him being called a “stupid bitch” and “a waste of space and money”. This incident made me think that despite women making a lot way to stand up for themselves, to have equal rights and be protected under the law, there will always be those disgusting leeches who have to ruin everything by exploiting the laws in place and reinforcing the stereotype of women being weak at the same time. It is because of women like her that sometimes real victims of abuse have a hard time speaking up or being believed by the authorities.

Have we finally stooped to the level where we made men the victims of abuse? Is it the kind of interaction we want with men in general. Seems such a sad situation. On one hand we have men like Trump who abuse women and on the other we have women who exploit the law and the negative stereotypes to their benefit when calmness and understanding would be more beneficial to both parties.

In conclusion, I don’t think women are weak. On the contrary, I believe they are and can potentially be stronger and more dangerous than men. I am proud to be born a woman and If I could chose my gender before my birth, I would still choose to be a woman. I am proud that we are empowered and successful and beautiful….but turning the tables and using stereotypes and victimization to further our own goals or “win” a situation was never and will never be something that I would condone. Abuse is real and not something someone can throw around so lightly under no circumstances. We support each other, we build one another and we are true with ourselves and with those around us.

These were my thoughts on feminism and women standing up for themselves. Please let me know in the comments below what do you think of abusive relationships (romantic, workplace, familial etc).

Till next time, stay precious little diamonds xox!


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