Random Stuff About Me: TMI Tag

I wanted to write this post for quite some time now…. I’ve seen the TMI tag trending on the internet so much and i must admit i feel kinda jealous and left out for not attempting to do it..:3 There are so many things I would like to share with you all that i really feel will help you to get to know me a little better.

It’s been about four months since I started this blog and I feel I am blessed to have the followers that I have and been able to connect with people from all over the world just by writing a post about something I love so much(make up, clothes, etc). Sharing some information about myself and the things that i enjoy is very therapeutic to me and when i am reading  posts of others  with the TMI tag makes me feel closer to the blogger, as he/she is more relatable to my eyes when i see that we may have similar tastes in music, we may both enjoy the same cuisine, have the same tips for relaxation etc.

I’ll try to keep my TMI tag short but very informative. I hope you like it and find that our personalities have some similarities ❤

#1 My Name: Maria



Maria (and it’s variations) is a very common name all over the world and is given to baby girls as a praise to Virgin Mary, Mother of Christ. The original name is Mariam or Miriam in Hebrew and has various meanings such as rebellion, bitterness and “wished for child”. At this point i must make clear that Greek people tend to give their children the name of their mother or father…however, that was not the case with me. I was named after my maternal great grandmother whom my mom loved dearly and decided that i should have her name instead of Georgia, which was my maternal grandmother’s name. My great grandmother was a great woman. She was born in Smyrna, Asia Minor in the early 1900s. Maria was the daughter of a tobacco merchant and at the age of 18 she met and fell in love with a boy named Stamatis, who was working in her father’s shop. Stamatis was not the type of man Maria’s father would want his daughter to marry and wouldn’t give his permission to do so. However, Maria and Stamatis truly loved one another and they decided to leave Smyrna for Istanbul. Their happiness was short lived because they had to endure the WWI, WWII and the bloody war between Greece and Turkey. Cut long story short, Maria fought hard, overcame all of these obstacles and finally lived with her husband and children in Athens, Greece where all Greeks living in Asia Minor were transferred after the war between Greece and Turkey.*

So, as you understand, i am very proud to be called Maria<3

*I probably need to make a separate post about my family origins sometime in the future.

#2 My favorite flower:Sunflower


Most girls like roses. It is true that roses are the most popular flowers out there…..the boys always offer roses to their girls, the shops are selling red roses on Valentine’s Day and many clothes are adorned with rose patterns. Personally, i don’t get what is the deal with all these roses. Roses are so overused that we are bored to even see them. On the other hand, sunflowers remind me of the sun and the summer, their color is so bright and i just adore the way they move as the wind blows.

#3 My profession: Chemical Engineering


Since i can remember myself, i had always been fascinated by chemistry and mathematics. I would spend hours and hours solving math problems just for the sake of fun, just to see if i could figure out the solution of a problem. Maths were my first love and then chemistry came along a few years later, when my father taught me how to to make soap using some simple ingredients and following 3 simple chemical reactions…..that was it! I was mesmerized by what i could create with my own hands and how chemical substances could be used in everyday life. As soon as the time to give my high school exams has come, i already knew the school and University i wanted to apply to and make my dream come true. From that moment on, my life was(and still is) focused on chemistry. I got to have my bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering , my master’s in process design and i am currently pursuing a degree in Business and Economics in US.

#4 OCD


I know this not a light subject that one can talk about casually and i’ll probably make a separate post about it in the future. Since i was 10 or 11 yeas old, i would obsess over symmetry and similarity between objects, their position in space and how i could make things look aesthetically similar and pleasing. For example, i would be very anxious if my pencils were not perfectly lined when i would put them on a table, or if the pencils in a pencil holder where all the same in design and color but one was different, then i would have to remove the odd one out. Also, i would be anxious if i forgot to do something(like turning the oven off, as the example in the picture above describes) and constantly check if everything was ok.

However, growing up, these worries have somehow died down and i don’t get irritated or anxious over things like that anymore and somehow, my OCD has helped me quite a lot in my profession as it has made me a perfectionist, very dedicated(aka obsessed) when i take up a project and i can spot little things in my surroundings quite easily no matter how small or well hidden.

#5 My favorite cuisine: Italian and Korean cuisine

BeFunky Collage.jpg


I love food in general and particularly italian and korean food. As a Greek native, i am very familiar with cuisines that are similar or somehow related to Greek cuisine. Many italian dishes like pizza, spaghetti, lasagna and meatballs are very popular and common dishes in Greece and my childhood memories are filled with the aroma of tomato sauce, pasta and melted cheese. As far as Korean cuisine is concerned, i was introduced to it by a dear friend of mine who is half Greek and half Korean. Our friendship grew a lot stronger the past years and spending so much time with her made me appreciate many things about Korean culture and among them Korean cuisine.

So, that was my TMI tag! I tried to keep it short but juicy as a blog post can only be that long :P.

Let me know some stuff about you in the comments below and feel free to do your own TMI tags and share some stuff about yourselves!!

Until next time, stay precious little diamonds xox !!



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