Spring Music Playlist

Spring is the perfect season for travelling. Most of the times I prefer travelling by train as I can enjoy the English countryside and have some conveniences like food desk, electrical plugs and drinks. Sometimes the trips can be long, like my last one from London to Suffolk, and I am in need of some relaxing music. In that last journey, I accidentally found my old cell phone with my favourite playlist. It was a very happy blast from the past and with that a feeling of nostalgia came along. I pressed the play button and all of my all time favourite songs brought me back to my high school and college days.

So, I decided to make my playlist again, updating it with some of my new favourites and keep of course the all time classics that I found suitable for the season. If you like music as much as I do and listen to songs while you are on the bus, train, tube or you are jogging or even cooking(!) you might enjoy some of the songs I am about to recommend.

For the spring season, I find that I prefer classic/instrumental songs, jazz and maybe pop music. I find that the darkness of rock, heavy metal or the goofiness of indie and country is not my cup of tea either.

So, bring your fingers to the keypad and give a try to any of the songs that may catch your interest:

#1 MISO-Take Me

MISO is a Korean singer and songwriter that I accidentally found on YouTube in one of my searches for Korean music(but not K-Pop, Lord NO!). Most of her songs have a quite minimalistic style with pleasant melodies and soft vocals.

#2 Mariah Carey-Hero

I admit it, I am a sucker for Mimi. I think she is a great singer and a talent. I honestly, feel sorry for young girls nowadays who look up to singers of the likes of Nicki Minaj and so many others who use their body and sexuality to get ahead in the music scene. Don’t get me wrong, Mariah showed her body too but I believe she did it very tastefully. I think she taught young women to be ladies, not tramps.

#3 Britney Spears-Everytime

I think Britney had musical talent…please, I know what you are thinking but hold on! I’ll explain!

Everytime is one of Britney’s most acclaimed songs, which she wrote herself after her breakup with Justin Timberlake. It so no surprise that it is so different from any other song she sang in the past and is still singing, as the majority if not all of her songs are written by others in an effort to project a very specific image for her career. My opinion is that they should have let her write some of her songs  and not exert this incredible amount of pressure and control over her and in every aspect of her life, which eventually led to her very pubic meltdown a few years ago. I believe Britney was a sensitive soul and the industry was too cruel for her to handle.

#4 Ludovico Einaudi-Giorni Dispari

This is a classic. As a Greek native, I am and always will be familiar with Italian musicians and Italian films. Ludovico Einaudi is predominately a music composer for film soundtrack and this particular song was written about a movie of the same title and is translated as “Strange Days”. I suggest you give this one a try, it’s really good!

#5 Yiruma-River Flows in You

It’s possible that you might not know Yiruma, but those of you who are/were Twilight fans surely remember the soundtrack of Bella and Edward, which supposedly was the song Edward composed for her. It’s a nice piano song and you can find a version of it with vocals on the internet as well.

#6 Hans Zimmer-Your So Cool (True Romance)

German people are not my cup of tea but I’ve got to admit that this one is one of a kind. Hans Zimmer is a quite famous music composer and has created music pieces for many mainstream Hollywood films such as The Dark Knight, Thin Red Line, Requiem for a Dream and more. His music is really amazing and I honestly have a bunch of playlists that all together contain all of the songs he has released so far, all these years of his career.

#7 Phantogram-Mouthful of Diamonds

I don’t know much about the band but it’s a duo, the girl does the singing and I think the guy plays the piano. I really like this song but normally I don’t like music of this genre.

#8 The Beatles-Yesterday

Okay, I really love this song. I first came to hear this song because my boyfriend at the time insisted that I am seriously missing out not listening to it. So, I did and fell in love with it. I even sang this song on a karaoke once, although I was very nervous and shaky to nail it. I still sing it in the bathroom though lol.

#9 Lana Del Rey-Summer Wine

This song has had far too many remakes. However, I find that I prefer Lana’s version to others I have heard. It’s a very interesting song lyrically and I believe(not 100% sure) that it was the soundtrack of a German movie back in the 80’s….if anyone knows more about it, please feel free to inform me in the comment section since i’d really like to know.

#10 Nat King Cole-Nature Boy

A classic jazz song by a great performer. I first heard this song back in early 2000’s when the movie Moulin Rouge was released in the theatres, as the intro of the movie. I was fascinated by it and soon found it on YouTube and since then I’ve always had it in my playlists.


I hope you enjoyed my spring playlists. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below and tell me what is your favourite song and why!

Until next time, stay precious little diamonds xox!!


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