How I Spend a Cold Winter Morning

Winter is long gone but sometimes I catch myself missing the rainy or snowy mornings of past November, when I would stay home and watch the rain fall outside of my window while I was drinking my hot chocolate. I think that there is something really romantic about cold weather. The street lights and the lights from inside the cafes, the “sweaty” windows and the people walking, wrapped around their clothes and running to their homes under their umbrellas….ahhh…Honestly, sometimes i wish it was still winter, only to relieve one of those precious moments when I had time to enjoy the silence and peace of the early morning and do my reflections and meditation.

There are a lot of things one can do at home and I am genuinely surprised when certain people say that they view their home like some kind of prison rather than a cosy place to relax. Obviously, I don’t agree with them and I feel like people should show a little more appreciation for the moments they have with themselves and for their home and keep it as tidy and orderly as possible. I do believe that our home is a reflection of us and directly affects how we feel and think. A tidy and sophisticated home has a positive impact on our mentality and is kind of alluring…you want to spend time in a nice place, with modern decoration and pastel colours. Who wouldn’t?

On the other hand, who could ever stay in their home when it’s a mess?

Anyways, for those of you who appreciate a relaxed day at home, let me share with you the things that I personally enjoy doing on a rainy day.

If you are yourself a morning person like me and a homebody, I think you are going to love these favourite pastimes of mine. So, grab yourself a cup of coffee and let’s get on with it:

#1 Daily reflections and affirmations 


Sometimes, our schedule can be quite hectic and a huge load of work can be placed on our shoulders. There can be project deadlines, stressful workplace relationships and all these can sevely impact our mental and emotional health. It is advisable that we take a break sometimes, even for a day or two. It’s wiser to take care of ourselfs and our mental health and to avoid a burnout. Work is still going to be there and after a time of relaxation, we can go back stronger and more productive than before. So, on days like these I try to sit peacefully in my bedroom and reflect on my life.

“Am I happy with my life? Is my work giving me joy and a sense of achievement? How is my relationship with my friends and family? Should I invest a little more time in them? Am I a bit workaholic?”

These are some of the questions I ask myself and of course if I give myself a negative response to them, then I think what it is that I should to in order to change and improve the situation. Lastly, I try to set some new goals based on how I judge the given situations.

Also, i believe it is really important to be kind to yourself. Make compliments to yourself and reward yourself for the things you achieve in life. Don’t focus on what you failed to do but more on what you have already done. Praise yourself and show gratitude for everything you have in your life(your home, clothes, food, job, ,family, friends etc). A little gratitude goes a long way.. it gives a sense of peace, completion and a positive outlook in life.  Gratitude is an act of spirituality.

Psalm 136:1

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever.”

I do believe deeply in God and this spirituality has guided me through many hardships. A grateful person is a complete person, without jealousy, misery and hatred for his fellow. I like to think that for each and every person there is a divine plan and this lies upon the hands of Gob. We do strive to excel and we must work hard because nothing should be given to anyone without effort and hard work, but let’s not get caught up in the chase of money and forget to enjoy life and be grateful. I can guarantee that this mentality has personally helped me to deal with stress and anxiety and have a healthier outlook.

#2 Morning Tea

I am a big fan of tea and hot chocolate but i prefer to start my day with tea and end my day with chocolate before i go to sleep. Usually, my blend of choice is the Earl Grey by Harrods and i drink it while eating my all-time favourite cinnamon rolls. If you haven’t tried a cinnamon roll in your life, the you are seriously missing out.


#3 Blogging

Ok, that one is obvious. I find blogging very exciting, relaxing and kind of cathartic. I have the chance to share things with people all over the world and find common things with people that i don’t know and probably never meet in my life, and yet feel those people so similar and close to me and the same time. I always get so excited when the notification button has it’s beautiful orange dot and i get to see people liking my posts or leaving positive comments below.There is no feeling like that(and if you are a regular reader of mine and you happen to stumble across this post as well, thank you <3)

#4 Keeping a diary


I used to keep a diary from a really young age and i keep one still. I find it helps me deal with emotionally stressful situations and offload any negativity and bad emotions that i might keep inside. Also, when i read some of the entries after a long time, i can somehow analyse myself both emotions and thoughts which i find very interesting…as if i can become my own personal therapist or something.

#5 Netflix and Chill

I really enjoy watching Netflix in bed. The past December i binge watched the Pretty Little Liars series(all of them) non stop. I just couldn’t stop…it’s so addictive! Anyways, my point is that movies and mini series are a favourite pastime and i really love watching them on a cold, rainy day in the warmth of my home.

#6 Reading books


I am a huge lover of books;any type of book…from romantic novels to blood chilling thrillers to self-help guides and religious studies. The past winter i had the pleasure of reading a bunch of really intriguing books. However, one of them really stood out and that was Gone Girls by Gillian Flynn. I know, i am late to the party since both the movie and the book have been released years ago, but it is what it is. I got so wrapped up i literally could not put the book down! I was so fascinated by the characters and the plot(no i won’t be giving spoilers, cause i really hate it when people do it to me)that i finished it in a day and was still eager to read it again. i definitely recommend reading books on a cold winter morning and this one in particular will prove to be an excellent companion.

#7 Watch YouTube

Volggers, vloggers and again vloggers! I love these people with all my heart. When i am feeling lonely or bored, all i have to do is to go on YouTube and watch my favourite vlogger of the day go on a trip to Paris, a photoshoot in Milan and anything a person could possibly do to spend the day. I don’t know what it is but i just love this illusion of instant connection with the vloggers. In case you are also a vlog fan, check out my previous post about the vloggers i like to watch when it’s cold outside.

So, these were the things i like to do on a cold, winter morning! Let me know in the comments  below how you like to spend a cold winter morning !

Until next time, stay precious little diamonds xox





2 thoughts on “How I Spend a Cold Winter Morning

  1. skinnygirlzerofive says:

    After reading your post it suddenly took me back when I was still single, I can totally relate to this. Now that I am married with a toddler, I long for these kind of days. Meditation and relaxation only happens now if I intentionally wake up extra early in the morning or when the little on is asleep. Great post!


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