Vloggers to Watch when It’s Cold Outside

I know it’s spring but i really miss the winter mornings or early evenings when i would stay in bed, beside my window, holding a mug of hot chocolate and watch Netflix or videos on YouTube. I particularly enjoy watching vlogs as i feel (even though it’s not true) that somehow i am with the vlogger and we are spending the day together. Another reason why i love watching vlogs is because the vloggers share their personal stories, their difficulties and drama which makes them very relatable and establishes a connection with the viewer. There are many examples of coming out videos(Shane Dawson, Manny Mua etc) who are an inspiration to many young kids who face serious troubles with their sexuality, examples of people talking about their anxiety issues and how they dealt with them and many many more. Ordinary people who love to talk to the camera and genuinely connect with others all over the world.\

If you have the same or similar taste to mine, then grab your drink and snacks and get ready to enjoy:

The list of my favorite female vloggers goes like this:

#1 Katrin Berndt


Katrin is a 23 year old vlogger from Sweden and she is mostly known about her tattoos and body modifications. She has a plethora o videos where she discusses about tattoos and also gives tips to viewers who might want to get one. Her advice ranges from tattoo styles to reasons why you should or should not get one. Recently, her video topics have extended to make up tutorials and clothing lookbooks, hence gained a lot more popularity.

#2 Nafisa Precious


This one is a London based African-Muslim blogger with many follow-me around and sit&talk to the camera videos where she cover topics like prejudice against Muslim women, education and lifestyle tips. She is currently a lecturer in Uni and i must admit i fell in love with the vlog series about University Life where she showed the viewers her typical days at work, her colleagues and strolls around the Leeds City Center. She also has many other vlog series which were filmed during her trips in Kano, France and Dubai. She is a refreshing break from the regular teenage girls on the internet as she is much older and more sophisticated. She is very elegant and well mannered and unlike other YouTubers, she is very well spoken and not vulgar or rude. Sad thing is that her channel has only a few viewers although her content is good and interesting.

#3 EVA 에바


Eva is a Korean University student who makes vlogs about her life as a student. Sometimes she records her morning/daily routine and gives tips about make-up and skin and hair care. Her style of filming is minimalistic and very simple, yet elegant. I definitely recommend this channel!

#4 Taylor R テイラー


Taylor is a Canadian born YouTuber who lives in Japan and works as a fashion model as well as an actor in small productions. Her style is inspired by the Japanese anime female characters and her clothing and make-up is quite doll-like. She is predominately a vlogger who records her everyday life as well as her vegetarian recipes. The mascot of her channel is her cute little dog Rosie who appears almost in every video.

Well, that was it guys!! I hope you enjoyed my list of favorite YouTube vloggers and check out their channels.

Until next time, stay precious little diamonds xox!




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