Sweet November: Some Thoughts on Love

Sweet November was and is one of my favorite movies. Sweet November is the story of a couple, Nelson and Sara, who meet during their driving license exams on the first days of November. Long story short, Nelson and Sara fall in love and start a relationship which soon ended abruptly because of Sara’s terminal stage cancer. During the time of their relationship, which lasted for only one month(November), Nelson truly loved Sara and this love made him change himself. He became more compassionate, more people oriented and less cold, cynical and less workaholic.

You see, true love makes people change. During the end of November, Nelson asks Sara to marry him. However, Sara cannot commit as she has been withholding all this time the fact that she is a cancer patient and she cannot be cured. Devastated, Sara breaks up with him in order to let him go and leave his life as a free man, without having to worry about her condition, medical care and eventual death.


But this is were true love really is….Sara sacrifices her love to give Nelson a normal, happy life and from his side, Nelson objects and insists on staying with her till her last days. Finally, Sara leaves him and Nelson makes the decision to move on with his life.

I really adore this movie as it makes me think if love is pure and reciprocal or these stuff are only in movies and then, if i were in Nelsons position, what would i choose? Would i choose to save myself some pain and move on or would i stick with my beloved one and be by his side when the inevitable would come?

In my opinion and from my experience, there are two situations when we put the needs of others before ours: the first is compromise and the second is sacrifice. A compromise is something we do because we have to. We may have to compromise due to financial, social etc reasons. It’s something we do although we don’t want to, but we know it’s either the right thing to do(in general) or the right thing for us(meaning it works in our favor). On the other hand, a sacrifice is something we do wholeheartedly and without any future regret. Sacrifices are usually painful and hard but there is some kind of sweet misery that comes along. It’s like the pain is worth it and maybe the person who does the sacrifice would subject himself to it again if he the circumstances demanded that he/she did.

…and i wonder at this point: Is it love that gives you the strength to go to great lengths for your loved ones or is it the already existing strength of character that makes people to great sacrifices for those they love?


I’ve met many people who have done sacrifices for me(although sometimes i would like them to do more than what they did), but were they truly honest? Were those marvelous acts of love sacrifices or compromises and what should someone do to be truly loved?

late night thoughts…..please leave your comments below and let me know what do you think about love and sacrifice/compromise.

Until next time, stay precious little diamonds xox!


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