Glittery Mauvey Eyes and Nude Lips-Make-Up Look

The past days have been very relaxed and wonderful. The Easter holidays have given me the opportunity to rest from a very hectic work schedule and pour my passion for make-up into creative projects and update my beloved blog. Yesterday i watched a lot of make-up tutorials on YouTube and initially i wanted to do a pink smokey eye, but then i decided to leave this idea for another post. Finally, i made up my mind and thought that i might actually use the beautiful, metallic gold eye shadow that i bought recently and showed you in one of my previous posts, which a purple and pink eye look. I really love this look as at first glance it may appear as an ordinary and unassuming look but when you blink all the colors pop and they are stunning ❤

So, the main things in this look are:

  • pink and mauve tones
  • nude lips
  • metallic gold eye shadow
  • a lot of highlighter
  • porcelain skin aka really smooth foundation with mat effect
  • little to none contouring


This look is of not that difficult to achieve and i think it would really fit some particular occasions like Valentines Day or any other date night with your significant other. So, without any further delay, here are the steps to recreate this look if you want to:

Step #1: Skin Prep

The first and most important thing to do before you start your make-up is to moisturize your face. The product i am currently using is the Daily Hydration Moisturizer with SPF 15 by e.l.f.. I am really happy with it and i’ll probably continue using it for quite sometime. Next, i apply my day cream, the CC Cream Skin Repair by Bioten. This cream is a repairing cream that i definitely recommend to people with acne scars or any skin blemishes as it really works in healing the skin and gives it a very nice glow.

Step #2: Foundation

Any brand is fine as long as it is clinically approved and has a mat effect. Alternatively, you might need to use some setting power with mat effect. I personally use the  Maybelline SuperStay 24HR Makeup which is a pretty decent brand with reliable products. After the make-up application, i used my NARS concealer in the color vanilla and made small triangles below my eyes and also put some product on the tip and the bridge of my nose. Then, i finished this step, setting my face with some translucent powder by Laura Mercier.

Step #3: Eyes


The eyes are the main focus of this look. For this look, i used the “All About Pink”Blush Palette by Revolution, the A.K. metal eye shadow No 01 from my previous post, the  HUMDRUM PLUM-EXPERT WEAR EYESHADOW by Maybelline and LIQUID EYE LINER in black.

First, i started with the softest color of the palette as a transition color. Then, i used the darkest of the pinks and put it in my crease to create some dimension. In the outer corner rod my eyelid, i used the plum eye shadow by Maybelline and using a thin brush, i dragged the color down to my waterline. Lastly, i used the metallic gold eye shadow by a.k. and put it right on top of my eyelid and some in the inner corners.

In order to give some more intensity to the eyes, i drew a very discrete wing with my eyeliner and finished the look with some mascara. I am blessed to have naturally long and curled lashes and thus i don’t use fake lashes but i would recommend them for this look.

Step #4: Blush

The look is quite pinkish and i found that a warmer, peachy tone for blush would bring a more earthy flavor to the look. The blush i used is the SWEETHEARTS BLUSH by Too Faced.

Step #5: Lips

For the lips i used the Dolce K liquid lipstick by Kylie Jenner. I love nude colors and and i am honestly obsessed with this one.

Step #6: Highlighter 

This look is all about light and shimmer and the Becca Highlighter in the color Prismatic Amethyst is the IT thing for the job. This particular shade is a duo chrome lavender one which is (according to my opinion of course) the best shade among the other Becca Highlighters. The effect is as intense as it should be and very classy. I applied it with a fan brush on my nose bridge, my cupid’s bow and cheeks.


So, that was my look for the day! I hope you liked it and maybe sometime recreate it!

Until next time, stay precious little diamonds xox!








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