Pink/Cinnamon Look and Beauty Tips

It’s spring finally.. the weather is wonderful and the sun is warming us up from a long winter. Normally, around March, the season change is a sign that i should come up with a new make up routine. Something more soft and sweet ❤ .Most of my spring make up routines include peachy, cream, pink or light brown shades, at least for my everyday looks for work. For date nights and evening looks o darken it up a bit with some purple or green eye shadow or a black eyeliner wing.

For this look, i used soft tones. This is actually one of my favorite looks and i do it quite often these days. So, without further ado, here is what i did to achieve this look:


Step #1: Moisturize

I have mixed skin (oily mostly, which is prone to acne) and i find that when i wake up, i am in need of a good and light moisturizer which also primes my skin for the foundation i am going to use next. The moisturizer i am currently using is the Daily Hydration Moisturizer with SPF 15 by e.l.f. . I strongly advice using moisturizer or primer with sunscreen as sensitive skin types(all skin types but the sensitive ones mostly) can be seriously damaged by sun radiation which will lead in future cracking or dark spots on the face.

Step #2: Foundation

During spring and summer months i shamelessly favor light foundations with SPF 15 at least. For this look, i haven’t used some high end foundation but a low price which is of good quality though. This foundation is the Maybelline SuperStay 24HR Makeup. Normally i would use a Channel one but i really don’t find it any good to waste such a huge amount of money when i can buy another brand’s with less money and still be satisfied with the result.

Beauty Tip 101: Try using a sponge as make-up applicator rather than a brush. Most brushes leave the brush trail evident on the skin and under conditions of really intense lighting or when someone is too close to your face, the skin surface seems like a badly painted canvas. However, if you find applying make-up with a brush to be easier for you, then to avoid the aforementioned problem, just take a sponge and pat it on the skin to smooth out any problematic areas.


Step #3: Powder

Normally, people would think that at this point we should contour with a contour palette or a concealer. However, i a not a fan of this technique as i feel it is kinda cheating…i mean, a little contouring never hurt anyone but i see people who really overdo it and when you see a before and after of them, then you really can’t recognize them. They literally create new bone structures and they go from an oval face to a square one!

So, instead, i just finish with my favoutiteSEPHORA Bright Set Loose Finishing Powder to achieve a silky and mat effect.

Step #3: Eyes

This step is actually a bit more elaborate, thus we are going to bullet the substeps of it:


  • Prime your eyelids

Priming your eyelids will help the eye shadow colors to really pop and blend really nicely. A nice and cheap primer is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Eden.

  • Colour Mix

For this eye look I used the Too Faced Natural Love Ultimate Neutral Eye Shadow Palette and started with the colour nudie and applied it on the eyelid. Then I mixed spoiled and stiletto to make the wing and blend with the base colour. The wing I made is not very high and is pointy in order to accentuate the almond shape of the eyes and make them appear larger and a bit catlike.

Beauty Tip 101: There are two main types of brushes, the ones with a sponge and the ones with a paint brush. I find that the ones with the sponge give greater control and help a lot with blending.

Lastly, right on the top of my eyelid I used both bunny nose and honeymoon.

  • Eye Pencil

Any type of brown pencil to line your waterline is fine. Make sure to start with a thick line which will get thinner and thinner towards the inner corner of your eyes.

Step #4: Lips

For my lips I used a peachy shade and any type of peachy/orange shade can do the work. My lipstick is Mega Shine Lip Gloss by NYX

I hope you enjoyed my spring make-up look ❤

Till next time, stay precious little diamonds xox


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