March Favorites 2017

I love spring; spring is by far the most pleasant season of them all. The weather is warm but not too warm and the air has a pleasant breeze that makes going out to work, to run errands etc seem so easy and fun. Also, spring starts on 21st of March and around this time i change my skin care routine and buy all kinds of cosmetics in peachy, pink and cream colors. New eye shadows, light make ups and a lot of blush are the MUST ITEMS for me along with some new perfumes  ❤  Most are really cute and also the prices can be considered reasonable while the brands are fairly  known and dermatologically approved( most of them cruelty free also!)

So, without further ado, here are the amazing thing i bought the past days:

#1 Seventeen extra sparkle shadow No 07


Well, first of all let me say that i have been using Seventeen products since i was a teenager(not too long ago) and i know first hand that i can trust in them completely. This particular eye shadow has a very nice pinkish color and also is kinda holo(!). It’s not very pigmented and the trick actually is that in order for it to look really good and the holo to really show is that you must put another shadow on the eyelid first(preferably a pinkish, peachy or creamy shade) and then apply this eye shadow right on top. The result is amazing! Whenever light hits the eyelids, you can clearly see the holographic effect(holo) changing colors from green to yellow to red/orange while still the main color would be this pink shade.

I use this shade mostly in morning/everyday looks, when i want just a light tint of color on my face.

If you are a fan of pastels, then you should definitely try it!

#2 A.K. metal eye shadow No 07 and No 01

Remember Adriana Karembeu? Barely? Yeah, me too. Apparently she has a full make up line with very nice products. I recently bought these two eye shadows. The first one is very similar to the Seventeen eye shadow i bought but it is far more pigmented(a lot more) and it’s metallic and not holo. The second one is a rich golden shade that i personally love. I think gold is perfect for a natural look when you put some along the waterline and it can also be used for a nigh look with a thick eyeliner line and red lips.

I kinda use both but mostly the golden shade as i find it easier to put with rusty, nude or brown colors. The metallic adds to the “eye canvas” and makes it more interesting!

#3 Express Beauty with Green Clay Mask by APIVITA


This is a 10 minute face mask for deep cleanse from Greek company APIVITA. I love these type of masks. There are quick to use and they really do the work! This type of mask(with green clay) is for sensitive and mixed skin type, while other types of clay(black, grey etc) work for other skin types both cleaning and normalizing the pH. Even after the first use, the results are evident; the skin is soft and glowing and the pores are significantly closed.

I definitely suggest using these masks at least once a week!

#4 L’Oreal Ideal Fresh Facial Cleansing Milk


I am not a person to put many layers of make up or use dark colors for lipstick and eye shadow but after a long, tiring day i really need to clean my skin and take of any make up that is stuffed in my skin pores. This cleansing milk is quite light and i guarantee it takes all the make up right away. I don’t really have to use more than two cleansing cloths a time. Personally, i try to use light cleansing milk as i have mixed skin with an oily T-zone. Most of the times, i find that skin products that are very oily themselves leave a very unpleasant feeling and the oiliness helps create more pimples. So, use with moderation unless you have really dry skin.

#5 H&M Coconut and Vanilla Perfume



I don’t really wear perfumes …for some reason i find any smell besides my own to be really intense. This one is not an expensive, high end product but it smells really good. The coconut and vanilla mix is quite light and pleasant while it stays on my skin all day and all night. The latter is very important to me because i spent all day with a lot of people at work or take the tube to places and having a nice and discreet smell makes me feel really good about myself<3

Beauty tips 101 ❤

  1. Before you go to bed, put on some lip gloss. The next day you’ll wake up having the softest lips ever.
  2. After washing your hair, take some argan oil and warm it between your fingers. Then run your fingers through your hair. The glow and the softness of your hair will make you fall in love with it.
  3. After scrubbing with gel, make sure to moisturize your skin with some moisturizer or day cream and not let it stay sore or red.

These were my March Favorite! Till next time stay precious little diamonds





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