What Beauty Really Is?

What is beauty and how we define it? Most women are uncomfortable in their own skin—regardless of age, size, shape, color, and income . We fixate on our body image and try countless diets, breast and/or butt implants, hair extensions/weaves and brand new clothes, but nothing is ever enough. The problem is that women from a young age mistake beauty with body image and thus derive their confidence from the similarities their body may or may not have with the bodies of models, singers, TV presenters etc. There are quite a few instances where young girls have gone down the dark path of anorexia nevrosa and even lost their lives from the condition. To be more specific though, these girls where “murdered” by the role models society has forced upon them…role models that first failed to give realistic representations of beauty  and second forgot to remind people that beauty is more than how we look. I’ve seen beautiful people that were so nasty and vile that immediately became less beautiful in my eyes.

You see, looking pretty has to do with more than skin deep qualities. Beauty, besides our physical appearance, also lies in how we present ourselves and how we treat the people around us. Confidence is beauty, kindness is beauty, compassion is beauty…..We need to work on being attractive from the inside first, the cosmetics are just the icing on the cake. So before you start putting your lipstick on or piling on the make up on your on your face, here are some  tips that should give you some food for thought:

#1 Put a Smile on that Face:

Don’t underestimate the power of a smile. A smile is warm and beautiful and bring this warmth and beauty in the heart of the one who receives it. Why frown and look miserable when a smile costs nothing and achieves great deal. A smile may last for a minute but the impact it has lasts a lot longer.

Now, believe me, i know what you are thinking:

-“What if i don’t feel like smiling?”

Take my answer to this question as a gift from me to you:

“Some days you may feel like giving up,sad, lonely and upset because life is unfair, cruel and many more,but these are the days when you should try your hardest to smile even just for a while. Life is not always easy but it’s you who must make the most of it…so smile! Don’t give up!”


#2 Be nice to people

Kindness and politeness are the jewels of our soul and this kind of beauty is evident on someone’s face. Everybody appreciates good manners and kindness. A person who is kind and polite is attractive both physically and spiritually but also popular. I mean, who wouldn’t like to be associated with a person that treats others with dignity and respect?

#3 Don’t Swear

I’ve socialized with many physically attractive people whose mouths were filled with the most vulgar, disgusting and offending speech. I think being “vulgar” is kind of trending nowadays and these people who behave in such a highly inappropriate manner, usually excuse themselves for their behavior calling it “sass” and being “real”, when these are just excuses for their ratchetness. I personally find nothing attractive or impressive in using words that are unkind and most of the times unnecessary in social interactions.Plus, we all know than once something’s been said nobody can take it back, so let’s chose our words wisely.


#4 Be Confident not Cocky

I strongly believe that self-confidence is the most attractive trait in people but there’s a fine line between confidence and over-confidence making someone so full of themselves. The funny thing is that most people who are over-confident tend to be those who are really not even nearly as awesome as they think they are. Most of the time, this makes them their friends “joke” and everybody is laughing behind their back. At the same time, if anyone even makes an attempt to explain to them how people perceive them, in hopes that they might understand and put a “leash on that inflated ego of their’s”, then they actually turn out to be really mean and vengeful.

I  feel like it is really healthy to give other people around you some room to shine too. If you are a  successful and talented person, then why not do the noble thing and let someone else take the spotlight for once. Besides, experience has shown  that it’s the hidden gem that shines the brightest ❤


#5 Be Positive

People who try to focus on the good things in life, create good vibes around them and attract other positive people. So speak good and do good.We don’t have to judge people negatively or gossip about them if their behavior doesn’t affect us in any way, but i also understand that we can’t like everybody and that’s fine. If you have to say something about someone you don’t like, you can just focus on their good side(or at least the side of them you think it’s good) or if you can’t find something good about them, then just say nothing.



❤ I honestly hope you’ve enjoyed these 5 tips on how to be attractive and found them uplifting and inspiring. Sadly, we live in a society where the need to be physically pretty is really emphasized to the point where we forget about the beauty of our soul. Physical attractiveness slowly and gradually fades away and when it is not accompanied by inner beauty is truly worthless.

Until next time, stay precious little diamonds xox!


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