Spring 2017 Wishlist

April is just around the corner and the weather in NY(Yes, i made this trip i’ve always wanted)  is delightful. As spring is kicking in, i am feeling more and more inspired to surround myself with beautiful, colorful and NEW accessories! I’ve been wandering around the city center shopping(which is a great  form of therapy but it’s a bit “intense”experience for my wallet) and saw some really cute stuff that i need to buy for sure.

The stuff i am about to show you are from Ted Baker which is a London based brand that i personally adore. I really shouldn’t be spending more money but:

  1. These things are so cute
  2. The prices can be considered reasonable

However, i have a love/hate relationship with Ted Baker…it is supposed to be a luxury brand but sometimes i feel that some of things i bought over the years didn’t quite live up to my expectations in terms of “the product’s life-span”. I tend to use all my things again and again on a regular basis(i might put heavy books in my bags, laptops etc, sometimes i am a bit clumsy as well) and most of the times they really do make great bags, clothes, tech accessories that are really really wonderful to have.

Side note: I must admit that my list is inspired by the preppy style, the soft creams and florals of Taylor Swift(though i don’t really like her music, i must admit she slays in the fashion section).

So, here are the things on my 2017 Spring Wishlist:

#1 Long Wrap Coat Aurore


This was love at first sight-literally! This sweet nude color is everything! I think it is a good choice for an everyday look and it adds a bit of glamour without it being to much at the same time. It is very soft and luxurious and the gold hardware on the belt is just perfect.


#2 Ted Baker Sully Pink Crystal Daisy Stud Earring


I wanted to buy these earrings for quite some time now. They are rose gold with hot pink Swarovski crystals. Sadly, i haven’t been able to find them in US but i can order them online from House of Fraser and have them shipped by the time i get back in Athens,Greece.

Price: £ 32.20≈$ 38.95

#3 OLAH Oriental Bloom silk cape


This scarf is the most ethereal thing ever! I love the flowers on the back and sleeves, inspired by the Japanese sakura blossoms. It feels so soft and it’s perfect for summer weather, especially on a date night ❤


#4 ALAYAA Oriental Blossom travel bag


I travel quite a lot and most of the times i find that my luggage is usually quite old, beat up and generally sad to look at, so i decided that it’s about time to buy new. This bag has the same beautiful sakura blossoms and is very practical. It has two top handles, rolling wheels(which i highly appreciate as i mostly drag my bags than carry them ) and the lining is 100% cotton.


#5 HEDI Window Box iPhone 6/6s/7 book case


For the last year my iPhone 6s has been without a case..i finally decided to by one. I think it’s the most beautiful phone case i’ve ever come across(besides one case with marble pattern on the back side). In addition to it’s beautiful pattern with the sakura blossoms, in the inside, opposite of the phone’s screen there is an actual mirror, which i find very useful as during the day i might need to fix my make up or my lipstick.

Price: $65

#6 Ted Baker Elicia Pink Enamel Rose Bracelet

αρχείο λήψης (2).png

I don’t really wear bracelets…I mostly wear rings and many stub earrings and the more sparkly the better, I like to think of them as little diamonds on my ears while i leave my hair down. However, this little bracelet is really the epitome of good taste. I really love pink(as if anyone who reads this hasn’t already figured it out :P) and the little roses all around my wrist would look really elegant.

I also found this one on House of Fraser’s site.

Price:£ 39.20≈$49.32

#7 EDIANI Cashmere-blend bow sweater


Ahhh the bows…I have a lot of sweaters and tops with bows on them but one more never hurt anyone<3


#8 PEETCH Brooch detail court shoes


I feel like i already know what most people think seeing these pumps:”wedding shoes”. However, i think white pumps are not only for weddings but they can also be really easy to much with pretty much anything, from a light skirt to skin tight jeans. Plus, they can be used to create an everyday look but also a date night look. On the downside, they might get dirty easily(which is something that makes me think twice about buying them).


#9 SHEALAH Embroidered collared dress


This preppy style dress reminds me of school uniforms but i don’t know, i think there is both something sexy and something classy in it. I would wear this preferably with stilettos of ballerina flats in black, white or even nude color, some pearl earrings and a french manicure.



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