6 Simple Things I Enjoy in Life

They say we experience true happiness when we enjoy the simple things in life, like a walk at the park or eating our favorite meal..at least that’s what i’ve read in Daily Mail. Apparently, a research team at PruHealth Institute conducted a poll asking people when and doing what they think they experience happiness. The research revealed it’s results in the form of a %scale which was called the “Feel Good Factor”and it was shown that 56% of the people felt happy when they spent time with their family, 30% took great pride in the achievements of their closest ones(graduation of children, getting a god job etc) and 27% felt really good about themselves when someone would simply smile at them.

Reading the results made me wonder what makes me feel happy in my everyday life. I must admit that many things came to my mind and i understood that they were actually a lot!  God Bless for that!

So, without further ado, here are 10 simple things that bring happiness in my life:

#1 Time with family

As a Greek native, i hugely appreciate family gatherings and Greek families are fairly large. I literally cannot wait for the holidays(Christmas/Easter), name days(we do celebrate them greatly)and birthdays(0f course). They are my best friends and the most loving people i’ve ever known and every time we are together we laugh so hard our faces hurt<3

#2  Tea time

Tea time is the perfect time to unwind and reflect after a tiring day at university. Both as a student and later as i researcher i would either go to one of my favorite cafes in town for a cup of my favorite tea or just return home and throw a bag of my all time favorite earl-grey tea in a pot, and enjoy my tea while watching YouTube in my bed.

Coffee & macarons

#3 Italian food

I absolutely adore Italian food, mostly pasta, meatballs and pizza! I could literally eat Italian food everyday for the rest of my life. The flavor and smell of tomato sauce on macaroni is just the best thing ever.I also enjoy Indian food but i find it’s too strong for my stomach if i eat it in large amounts cause of the spices in it. Generally, I believe that food is life and there is nothing more pleasurable about eating and preparing food for yourself and loved ones ❤

#4 Vlogging

I find it very enjoyable to vlog my day as i head to work at the campus or do my shopping or go for a nice dinner with my friends. It’s like i bring people with me and have their company all day, which is quite nice as sometimes i do feel the need for some company although due to  my hectic schedule i can’t really meet them most of the time.

#5 Stationery supplies

I love stationery-period. I feel like when i am writing(be it academic work,diary entries etc) with a nice, stylish pen, i am more eager to work for long hours and i actually really like to hold this pen in my hand and work with it, rather than with some random pen that i don’t really like aesthetically but it just does the job. Plus, everybody who knows me knows how much i love pink, black and with so most of my supplies are usually in those colors.


#6  Reading Books

A good book is even better than a good friend..ok i might me exaggerating a little but when i was young i didn’t really have many friends and i would find great comfort in immersing in fantasy worlds where great events and fascinating characters fight for justice, star-crossed lovers fight for love and so much more. Reading books also made me appreciate literally work and made it easier for me to read academic books later in life as well. It also feeds my overactive mind and imagination.

I honestly feel so grateful for all these things i am able to do and enjoy so often. I believe we should be thankful for everything we have as small and unimportant we think it is because when we don’t appreciate it and take it for granted then we’ll only understand it’s value once we lose it…and then it might be to late to have it back.

Please let me know in the comments below, what do you think brings happiness in your life!<3

Till next time stay precious little diamonds xox!


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