The importance “Me” Time


It’s been an amazing, successful winter and quite a while since my last blog post .I’m finally a  National Technical University of Athens grad, having my life ahead of me to fulfill all my dreams and aspirations!  It was a wonderful and rather eventful winter during which I met many wonderful people, was taught the most amazing things and worked in the most scholarly and inspiring environment. I also got to unwind in many lovely coffee shops and restaurants in the evenings and weekends – one of my favorite things to do. 

I’ve been extremely busy over the past couple of months on developing  exciting new projects and although I believe busy is good, it also can be highly stressful and if you’re not careful you can experience a severe burn out. A simple way to avoid this, is by breaking up tasks into smaller, more manageable ones while planning and spreading them over a period of days, weeks orsometimes even months (depending on the nature of the projects). During these  tasks, I incorporate adequate amounts of ‘me’ time in order to relax, recharge and reflect.

So, without further ado,here are my top 4 ways of spending my ‘me’ time:

#1  Tea Time:

When working at home, I love to take time in my day for afternoon tea. “Tea time”is when you exclusively sit down for the sole purpose of enjoying your tea. Forget your computer or your paperwork and just sit back and relax with a cup of your favorite blend of tea. I personally enjoy black tea with fruits or a caramel flavored standard one.Add a book, magazine or an interesting blog/vlog  to accompany your tea time or just let your thoughts and reflections wash over you.

#2 Netflix and Chill:

This idea of ‘me’ time can be lethal for your work schedule, especially when one episode becomes two, two into three and before you even realize it you’re hooked  and your productivity plans are out of the window. However, I really do enjoy relaxing over a good movie or TV programme on Netflix, although i am not an avid TV watcher.

I try not to watch any Netflix during the day although it’s extremely tempting, especially when I’m working at home. What I prefer to do is watching Netflix only after  I’ve reached a target or goal and completed a substantial part of my task. Then I feel like I’ve really earned my Netflix and chill time, without feeling the guilt of procrastinating and neglecting my work.

#3 Books:

Reading books is an all-time favorite pastime since my childhood. Everything is so pretty about books! The way they smell, the way their pages feel on my fingertips! I really enjoy reading a good book in bed before i go to sleep and i prefer reading books about self-development, religion and/or psychology. It’s a rather good and enjoyable “companion”.

#4 Baking:

I don’t know about you but i really enjoy making cakes and cookies when i have the time (mostly on weekends). I find baking extremely relaxing and  a good opportunity to practice my skills in making chocolate cakes, cheesecakes and many other delicacies!I get a very soothing feeling out it and when my cake/cookies is/are ready, i get rewarded for my effort with an slice of cake or a glass of lukewarm milk with some cookies.

So, whether you’re engaged in projects as part of an educational course, work or business, remember to ensure enough time to relax and recharge so you don’t run the risk of becoming uninspired and in turn unproductive. I’d also love to hear your ways of relaxing during or after a hard day’s work, so feel free to let me know in the comments ❤







3 thoughts on “The importance “Me” Time

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