10 reasons why a love a good cup of tea!

I’m definitely more of a tea lover than a coffee drinker – except if it’s an instant caramel or vanilla coffee, although I’d describe myself more of a work-at-home kind of tea drinker rather than a social one.

After reading an article about the International Tea Day, all the reasons why i love tea so much came to my mind, so i thought today would be a good day to dedicate a blog post to my beloved cup of joy! In honor of my beloved  beverage, here are ten reasons why I love a good cup of tea:

#1 – A comfort drink

Whether I’m cold, tired  or feeling down, my remedy lies in boiling a kettle and throwing a teabag of my favorite blend, a lot of milk and brown sugar in a mug. It’s warmth and sweetness  has me back in good spirits in no time.

#2 – Ideal drink with friends

Tea is perfect for creating unity and  warmth between  neighbors, friends and/or family.

#3 – A great work companion

As a researcher, when i am working for long hours on my computer, there’s nothing better than a cup of tea to refresh me and give me strength to continue the hard work. As a blogger, these days I work mainly at home, so having a steaming mug of tea beside me as I write my blog posts is my idea of workday bliss.

#4 – An  ideal winter warmer or summer cooler

Everyone loves a hot drink during the cold and sometimes snowy winter and there’s nothing better than a  mug of delicious hot sweet tea to warm up your heart and body during the freezing days and nights(unless it’s hot chocolate-that will do). However, what many people don’t realize is that tea can be a perfectly refreshing drink during the summer months, when drank at lukewarm temperature with a few lemon drops .

#5 – A break from work

Whether it’s for hectic days running errands or long hours of studying , a cup of tea is always the perfect energizer when my batteries are low. A good book or magazine to read or watching vlogs on YouTube or all-time favorite TV shows over a yummy cup of tea the best work break anyone could ask for.

#6 It’s diversity

There are many blends and flavors to chose from depending on the occasion and my mood. I personally enjoy black tea with fruits or standard tea with caramel or strawberry flavor. Other times, especially when i am feeling sick or tired i chose to drink tea with lemon or ginger and honey which works wonders on a soar throat and treats a headache in just a few minutes.

#7 A substitute for sweets and candy

I always drink my tea with extra sugar and most of the times i chose a fruity blend. This combination keeps my love for sweets and candy in check as i get the amount of sugar i need and not indulge in eating fattening and unhealthy junk food.

#8 A great morning starter 

i find it is rather easy for me to start my day after i drink a nice cup of tea. I helps we to really “wake up” and not feel dizzy or sleepy as theine has similar properties with caffeine.

#9 Low callorie content

I think that is obvious. We have to keep our shapes in check since in winter, when we become couch potatoes, the risk of overdoing in junk food and candy is significantly high.

#10 It’s cute

I mean, come on! It smells fabulous, it tastes sweet and you can drink it from your favorite mug(at least i do)!

So here are ten reasons why i love tea so much! Please let me know in the comments below why you think tea is great or if you don’t, please tell about your favorite drink!



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